Bentley Global Resources Testimonials

  • “Since entering the world of consulting, I’ve had occasion to speak with more than a few recruiters. Understandably, communication usually comes to a sudden halt as soon as it’s been determined that you will not be the candidate who will fill the position they had you in mind for. Not so with Charlie however. Charlie came highly recommended not by one, but by two fellow ITT consultants I worked with. I could see why. From my first conversation with Charlie, it seemed he was working for me instead of on behalf of his client companies. And when I hung up the phone, I had the feeling it was the start of a relationship instead of the end of a transaction. Charlie remained one of just a few recruiters I continued to stay in touch with even after I landed a contract through someone else. “Don’t be a stranger” he would always tell me. Sure enough, when that contract ended, it was Charlie who found me my next position. And (in light of this wonderful economy that afflicts us) I was pleasantly surprised in terms of its combination of satisfying work and excellent location. Charlie came through for me, but not by accident. It was his long-term approach to recruiting and his dogged persistence that won the day. I highly recommend him.”
    – Ray R
    Technical Project Manager (PMP) | Systems Analyst | Software Engineer
  • “Bentley’s aggressive approach to manpower determinations and talent channeling have always exemplified what it is to be a powerhouse in filling key vacancies and needs within many of today’s top organizations. They are highly motivated HR Specialists and critical work team builders.”
    – Bill H
    Senior Communications-Electronics Engineering and Integration Technician, RC Government Systems


  • “Bentley is very professional, pleasant to work with and offers numerous opportunities through her vast network of clients. I would definitely recommend any contractor looking for new opportunities to work with.”
    – Philip R
    Senior Testing and Validation Consultant
  • “As an Embedded Systems Software Engineer I have worked for Bentley Global Resources four times. Twice, in very tough job markets, the team at Bentley “REALLY CAME THROUGH” when other recruiting firms couldn’t!¬†Bentley does a great job of listening to, and interpreting, my needs. They have helped me get repeat business with their clients and I greatly appreciate it.”
    – Mike W.
    Senior Software Engineer
  • “Bentley is deeply committed to providing excellent talent acquisition services. They always follow up early and complete what they claim or initiate. I highly recommend them for all of your talent acquisition needs.”
    -Karl E
    Defense & Space Professional
  • “Charlie is a very good communicator that as a recruiter has the rare ability to understand the technical jargon and make the appropriate match. I appreciate that he does not waste my time “fishing” for information or attempt to fit a square peg in a round hole. He takes the time to properly assess the needs of both the Client and Candidate.”
    -Richard V
    Software Simulation Engineer


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