Engineering Services

Bentley is a leader in nationwide contingent engineering services in the US. We provide elite engineering professionals for the contingent and permanent needs of corporations requiring a specialized high-tech workforce that encompasses our target market. Our contractors are experts in Hardware, Software, and Systems engineering.

Fundamentally, our emphasis is aimed in the areas of: Analog and Digital Design Engineers, Applications Level Software Architects and Developers, Bio-Medical, and Firmware and Embedded Engineers across all electronic industries. Within this realm, we concentrate exclusively on those clients whose temporary and permanent needs are of the most difficult to source.

We deliver that talent in a timely fashion at a competitive price. From the beginning, the mission of our business has always been to provide unparalleled service, deliver superior quality, and offer competitive pricing, while maintaining 100% customer/contractor satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being the first call our clients make when they encounter a difficult to satisfy need. Also, we expect to be the first call our consultants make when they need to find a challenging new contract.


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